Penetration and Vulnerability Scanning

CyberSure offer a range of internal and external scanning as a one-off or as part of an ongoing service.

In Partnership with Robo Shadow we offer a full range of automated and consultative services

Vulnerability Scanner Engine

(Internal & External) – Full Certifiable Attack Surface Vulnerability Reporting.

• External IPs & Website 65,535 Port Scanner (inc. Shodan)
• Internal Windows App Vulnerability Dashboard
• Full CVE Vulnerability Assessment PDF Report
• Website OWASP Vulnerability Scanning
• Daily Scanning & Automation (Robo Guard)


Evidencable vulnerability reporting for both External IP addresses (External Attack Surface) and Endpoint / Devices. Being able to get both an internal and external vulnerability assessments of your estate is a large portion of a standard corporate penetration test.

The Robo Shadow platform effectively allows us to provide regular vulnerability assessment reports.

Defender & AV Manager

Windows Defender & 3rd Party AV Governance

• Full Windows Defender Coverage
• 3rd Party AV Reporting (enabled and updated)
• Defender Updates & Alerts
• Reconciliation with AD / 365


Passing an internal penetration test requires you to demonstrate complete anti malware coverage and enablement. Often now our environments are often a combination of Windows Defender and cocktail of other 3rd Party AV.`
Windows Defender is now largely replacing 3rd party AV and has a whole host of other goodies like (Firewall & Anti ransomware). Robo Shadow allows you to both manager Windows Defender and 3rd party AV coverage.

Cyber Coverage

AD & 365 Reconciliation – Demonstrate Device Cyber Coverage

• On-Premise Active Directory Agent
• 365 / Azure AD Reconciliation
• User MFA Compliance Report
• Chase down feral devices

To pass an internal penetration test you need to be able to demonstrate “Reconciliation with a Primary User Store”, the Robo Shadow Cyber Coverage & Reconciliation allows an organisation to demonstrate they are tracking cyber metrics across all their devices. This much-loved capability also allows you to track down feral machines across your estate.

Encryption Coverage

Bitlocker Management – Don’t get caught out by a laptop left on a train.

• Bitlocker Compliance
• Desktops & Servers
• Removable Device Encryption
• Windows Share Reporting

One of the most common cyber incidents you will manage is a “lost device” with company data, encryption saves both reputation and stress when dealing with lost devices.
If you can’t prove the device was encrypted and if contains any client data (including emails in offline OST databases) then technically you need to report this which can sometimes cause reputation issues with clients.

cyber security awareness simulated phishing attacks

Device Security Updates

Even today keeping on top of Windows Updates is paramount to passing an internal penetration test.

• Windows Update Reporting
• Central Reporting for multi-clients’ users
• Includes Drives and Critical Updates
• Update Reboot Reporting


You can have all the Cyber security defence in the world, but your estate can at the drop of a hat be subject to a Microsoft security issue which needs a patch / update.
Reporting on your Windows compliance, even now in this modern age can still be a challenge. Robo Shadow centralises the reporting of Windows Update compliance, all reconciled against Active Directory to ensure your coverage.

MFA Auditing

All the top hackers will say “MFA is the lowest hanging fruit to attack”

• MFA Non-Conformance Report
• Guest user MFA reporting
• Global Admins Compliance
• Update Reboot Reporting
• Azure AD Reconciled


We all seem to be adopting to a “multi-Factor” authentication existence quite well. However, we still find that the majority of clients who enable our MFA audit capabilities are surprised with just how much non-conformance there is within MFA usage.
Phishing attacks being the “lowest form of wit” when it comes to Cyber offensives are one of the most common attacks for a reason.

Certified Support

Cyber Security can be a lonely world. Our Cyber support covers Cyber best practise and infrastructure hardening guidance.

• Support by a Crest Certified team
• Cyber Best Practise Advice
• Infrastructure Hardening Guidance
• Incident assistance and advice


To meet our aim to “Demystify Cyber Security” part of this was going to be in the form of real-world certified support. Not just on all things Cyber, the Robo Shadow team are an extended instructure, cloud and network security team and provide our users with one-2-one assistance with cyber strategies, issues, and hardening advice.

Cyber Governance & Reporting

Managing cyber governance for the board, investors, regulators, and staff can be headache for even seasoned IT owners.

• Central Cyber Compliance Reporting
• Cyber Dashboards and Exports
• Time Series Data Insights
• Governance Support and Advice


Giving boards and management the ability to get daily access to Cyber posture data for both internal reporting and management and external information requests from clients and other interested parties.
Our platform allows for a whole host of ways to dashboard, report, and provide data insights. All supported by our Cyber Governance support team.