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What is cyber security risk management?
Managing the cyber governance, or cybersecurity risk management, in any organisation can be a headache for even the most seasoned IT-savvy business owners.

Cybersecurity management aims to assist your management and key stakeholders in gaining daily insight into the organization’s cyber posture. This enables internal reporting, management, and facilitates external information requests from clients and other interested parties.

The importance of cyber security risk management cannot be underestimated. To have an awareness of and an understanding of the potential vulnerabilities in your organisation will keep you ahead of the game. 

Our cyber governance platform introduces full cyber security management including:

  • Central Cyber Compliance Reporting
  • Cyber Dashboards and Exports
  • Time Series Data Insights
  • Cybersecurity management and Governance Support and Advice

Data protection law, privacy, and data breach management

In May 2018, during the UK’s EU membership, the General Data Protection Regulations replaced the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Post-Brexit in 2020, the UK GDPR continues, granting autonomy for cyber governance updates and cybersecurity management freedom. It operates alongside a revised DPA 2018, reflecting British sovereignty.

Partnered with IT Governance and GRCI Law, CyberSure specialises in cybersecurity risk management. GRCI Law, part of GRC International Group, shaped GDPR delivery, providing the following cybersecurity management services:

  • Central Cyber Compliance Reporting
  • Cyber Dashboards and Exports
  • Time Series Data Insights
  • Cyber risk management Support and Advice
cyber risk management

EU GDPR Representative Service

This service is designed to help you meet Article 27 obligations by appointing an EU GDPR representative. Delivered by our sister company, IT Governance Europe, the EU representative service allows data subjects and supervisory authorities within the EU to contact your organisation.

cybersecurity risk management

UK GDPR Representative Service

Meet your Article 27 obligations by appointing GRCI Law as your UK GDPR representative. This annual cyber governance subscription service allows UK-based data subjects and the UK’s data protection authority, the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), to contact your organisation if you are based outside the UK.

IT Governance

Privacy as a Service

GRCI Law has recognised that many of our clients need support from more than just one of our cyber governance services. Privacy as a Service pulls this together in one solution, making it easier to manage for them.

Cyber governance

DPO as a Service

An outsourced DPO service for organisations that are either required to appoint a DPO under the GDPR or have chosen to do so to protect the personal data they process as part of their cyber governance responsibilities.

GDPR Advice

GDPR Advice Service

Get unlimited expert advice on GDPR/DPA 2018 and data privacy issues from our experienced consultants. This includes advice on subject access requests, data breaches and records of processing activities, plus a monthly newsletter on key privacy updates.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy Manager Service

Get access to a dedicated data privacy manager to assist with all your GDPR/DPA 2018 and data privacy needs. Our experienced consultants offer continual cybersecurity management support and guidance throughout the year.

cybersecurity risk management

Retained Data Breach Management Service

Our Retained Data Breach Management Service helps you to quickly and effectively navigate the GDPR’s 72-hour data breach notification, under best cyber governance requirements, in a structured and compliant manner.

cybersecurity risk management

Contract and Legal Services

Our professional GDPR legal and compliance support from our legal and privacy experts ensures your documentation and commercial agreements comply with the regulation to ensure good cyber governance.

Please contact us for more information about the range of specialist cyber governance services and prices

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