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The CyberSmart Health Check is a service designed to provide its users with a high-level view of their security posture. It is a free-to-download tool for both Windows and Mac. The Health Check is split into two main components, which are the Health Check app and the Health Check Report.

The Health Check Application is a Windows and Mac program that diagnoses your organisation across four key areas. For each check, the results are provided immediately.

To download the Health Check Application choose between Microsoft Windows or Mac installers


How do you run the Health Check?

There is no installation process required for the Health Check.

For Windows,  just run the .exe file after download.

For Mac, users download a .zip file, which contains the Health Check app. Once it has been extracted, you can run the application immediately.

How is it uninstalled?

To uninstall, just uninstall the app as you would any other application.

Note for MacOS app

If System Integrity Protection is disabled, the report may fail to be generated, and therefore nothing is sent to the user. This situation is quite rare, and if you need any assistance please contact [email protected]
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